Author Visits


I do virtual visits via Zoom.

FREE: One 20 minute virtual visit for no more than 30 children. I will read one of my books and take a few questions that have been prepared in advance. If another virtual visit is needed or desired, there is a small fee.


In Person 

$150: Two 40-minute sessions with the opportunity to pre-sell books 

Teachers will be asked to collect checks/cash for any pre-sold books. A form for each pre-sold book will be provided. (Option: a book signing and sale after the session. I can take credit cards at that time.) 

I will read from one of my two books, talk about my journey as a writer, where my ideas came from, the revision process, and how to get a book published.

Sessions are best presented to pre-K-second grades; 3rd-5th grades.

One signed, hard-cover of each book will be donated to the school.

Children will be left with a simple book review form appropriate for their age group as well as a coloring page from the book.  


Needed: a computer for my zip drive and the capacity to project the book on a screen;  a helper to “turn pages” on the computer.

Students and teachers may order books at a 15% discount before the visit and for one week after the visit.

I am happy to tailor a virtual or in-person visit to your specific needs if possible.


Reading a Book
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Reading in Indoor Tent

Ida Burns Elementary School
Conway, Arkansas


Franklin County, Florida 

Please use contact form on the next page, or call or text 918-804-5203