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Tulsa Kids Magazine

In Hawkins’ first book, the truck longs for a driver to adopt him from the showroom so that he can drive over bumpy roads, climb hills and go down valleys. Children will respond to the attachment that Tony the truck has to his family, especially the boy, and how the boy doesn’t give up on his old friend.

A Truck Named Tony

J. Johnson
Children’s Librarian


A Truck Named Tony is an excellent children’s picture book about a red truck that gets sad and discouraged after being rejected by potential buyers. His friend encourages him not to give up. The illustrations are bright and colorful. A very good read that is certain to hold a child’s attention from beginning to end. I recommend it for children Pre- K through 3rd grade, and for public and elementary school libraries.

Amazon Customer 

A Truck Named Tony is a delightful story that children will enjoy hearing over and over again. Children will easily identify with the characters and dilemma facing Tony. They will be cheering Tony on as his dream comes true and will be encouraged to be like Tony when faced with similar situations of feeling left out or going unnoticed. Fun, bright illustrations accompany this tale of friendship and perseverance.

Tony the Truck and the Christmas Delivery

Tony’s friends come to his rescue after a big snowstorm. The book’s theme of finding help from your friends when needed is a favorite of children and can be used as a teaching opportunity.  The theme reminds me of classic books like Charlotte’s Web and The Little Engine That Could.

The book is full of colorful vocabulary that enhances this perfect read-aloud for the holiday season.


Shirley Richardson, MLIS, M.Ed

classroom teacher school librarian

When twenty 3-5 year olds clap at the end of a story, you know it’s a keeper! Tony the truck and his friends took our class on a delightful journey as they worked together to save Christmas for the Children’s Hospital. With each rumble and beep, Tony’s big heart touched our young scholars, leaving them cheering for more. The world needs Tony now more than ever!

Montessori teacher

As with the first book, A Truck Named Tony, children love the inclusive characters, both in gender and ethnicity. Tony the Truck and the Christmas Delivery is a wonderful springboard into discussions of trust, helpfulness, and community. And although it is about Christmas, every major religion has a version of the “golden rule.” As Mr. Rogers taught us for generations, “Thank you, helpers.”


M. Margrave, Early Childhood educator

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